Current Projects

Last Updated January 2014

I am currently working on two major projects and two sideline projects. Although not explicitly stated, all involve extensive web development work. Overall, there is a strong focus throughout 2014 on business operations and marketing strategy. For specifics, please contact me for details.

Startup Venture: BoostStream

BoostStream is an online content management company focused on helping businesses establish a comprehensive online presence and maintenance plans for refreshing content on social media, monitoring feedback from Customers, and helping with online technical support.

Consulting: Omega3Sys Operations and UI Specialist

I'm partnering with Omega3Sys to help create a business marketing strategy, ongoing support strategy, and assist with day-to-day operations. In addition, I'll be working closely with the existing Customer base to enhance the Omega3Sys CMS into a more robust and user friendly experience to better meet Customer business needs.

Small Business: MCRpro Photography

Rodeo photography was how MCRpro Photography got started. But, after five years, the portrait photography segment is having equal success. I'll be working on creating separate business images and marketing strategies for each segment.

Volunteer Work: Gift of Reading 2014

Gift of Reading is a project led by fifth graders so everyone is anxious about Middle School. Before completing fifth grade, they would like to create Littte Free Libraries for Elliott and Good Elementary. Monica, the founder, would like to continue gifting books for Christmas 2014 but would like to establish Gift of Reading as an official nonprofit. I will be leading the Team on both projects.

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